Midori D-Clips Toy Poodle


  • $10.99

Need more dogs in your life? Of course you do! Who doesn’t? We are excited to present Midori D-Clips, in not one, not two, but four! Yes four! Different dog breeds. This toy poodle is jumping up to steal some dinner! You should probably let it.* If you’re tired of having to spend hours scrolling through Instagram to get your dog fix, why don’t you take your dogs offline and onto the top of your paper, or as a bookmark, perhaps as a decoration, or even impromptu earrings. No matter what the task, they’re all good dogs.

Midori D-Clips are perfectly designed to hold your papers, while only showing the outline of the Toy-Poodle. The start and end of the outline line up to place the dog on the front of the stack of paper.

A packet of 12 brass Toy Poodle shaped paper clips from Midori.

*We sell pens, and paper, and inks and stuff, we’re not vets, always seek professional advice about what your dog does and eats.

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