Midori D-Clips Dachshund


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Need more dogs in your life? Of course you do! Who doesn’t? We are excited to present Midori D-Clips, in not one, not two, but four! Yes four! Different dog breeds. We like to imagine this little sausage is walking off to steal some hearts. If you’re tired of having to spend hours scrolling through Instagram to get your dog fix, why don’t you take your dogs offline and onto the top of your paper, or as a bookmark, perhaps as a decoration, or even impromptu earrings. No matter what the task, they’re all good dogs.

Midori D-Clips are perfectly designed to hold your papers, while only showing the outline of the Dachshund. The start and end of the outline line up to place the dog on the front of the stack of paper.

A packet of 12 brass Dachshund shaped paper clips from Midori. 

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