Opus 88 #10 F Nib Accessory Nib Unit

Opus 88 #10 Nib Unit

Opus 88

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Spare steel nib unit for Opus 88 taking the #10 size nib. Easy to swap at home. Quick and easy change, simply slip out the old nib and slip in the new one. Give your pen a new personality or quickly replace a damaged nib!

Compatible with all Opus 88 pens taking the #10 nib:

  • Opus 88 Koloro (all colours)
  • Opus 88 Picnic (all colours)
  • Opus 88 Fantasia (all colours)

Opus 88 nibs may be interchanged between specific Opus 88 models, if the model you want is not available with the nib size that you are after please contact us for availability as this can often be arranged. If the item is sold out, please get in touch for an ETA.

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