Platinum Classic Khaki Black 50ml


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The Platinum Classic range is a new range from one of Japan's biggest pen and ink manufacturers. The Classic range is named for its traditional production methods, many modern inks are made using a dye method due to simpler production methods. However, Iron Gall inks are more permanent over time and are water-resistant. Over time, the ink will darken, as the ink dries it starts bright and darkens, over time it oxidises further to a near black. If these inks get wet the dye component washes off and black remains.

A 50ml bottle of Platinum Classic Khaki Black, a khaki brown ink, drying to a near black with khaki hues.

A note on the usage of Iron Gall inks, whilst Platinum inks are designed to be stable and safe for modern pens we do not recommend using them in vintage pens or leaving them stored in pens for long periods. Steel nib pens are susceptible to corrosion if stored with Iron Gall in them. Iron Gall inks should also not be returned to the bottle when emptied if they have been in the pen for a while, this may reduce the stability of the ink and lead to the build-up of sediment. Any bottles containing sediment or sludge should not be used. 

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