Pilot Iroshizuku 4 Colour Set Ma-hiru


Pilot Iroshizuku inks are a premium range of high performance inks with a stunning range of colours. The name Iroshizuku comes from a combination of the Japanese words iro (colouring) and shizuku (droplet). Each ink is inspired by the expressions of Japanese natural landscapes and plants. The glass bottles are not only beautiful but functional, with a small indentation in the bottom of the bottle to make filling easy even as the bottle empties.

Pilot Iroshizuku inks perform well on the page and are perfect for special occasions or day-to-day usage. These are a favourite in the pen community.

This special set contains 4x 30ml bottles of Iroshizuku ink.

What's in the box?
  • A 30ml bottle of Ama-Iro or Sky Blue, a vibrant light blue ink
  • A 30ml bottle of Fuyu-Gaki or Winter Persimmon, a vibrant light orange ink.
  • A 30ml bottle of Kon-Peki or Deep Cerulean Blue, a vibrant light blue ink.
  • A 30ml bottle of Momiji or Autumn Leaves, a red ink with hints of pink.

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