Pilot Capless Decimo Dark Grey Fountain Pen

Pilot Capless Decimo Dark Grey Fountain Pen


  • $249.99

In 1964 Pilot’s engineers created the world’s first Capless fountain pen to celebrate the Tokyo Olympics. Known as the Capless Fountain Pen in the UK and the Vanishing Point Fountain Pen in the US, this Fountain Pen is regarded as “the perfect combination of luxury and technology”.

The innovative design allows the nib to retract inside the pen body to constantly keep the nib in optimal writing condition while still looking incredibly stylish.

This Capless comes in 2 nib sizes (Fine & Medium) made in 18-carat gold with rhodium-plating and comes complete with a starter Pilot Namiki ink cartridge for easy convenience but also includes an ink converter, so you can use one of the beautiful 24 colour options in the Premium Pilot Iroshizuku Ink range.

The Decimo has a slimmer body than other models in the Capless range and is available in a range of elegant and sophisticated finishes including the sleek Dark Grey, creating a must-have luxury writing instrument.

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