Organics Studio Ralph Waldo Emerson

Organics Studio Ralph Waldo Emerson

Organics Studio

Disaster struck and our last order had a leak! A precious bottle of Organics Studio ink leaked all over the boxes of its package-mates. The ink is good, the bottles are fine but the boxes are not quite a normal cardboard colour. Grab yourself Ralph Waldo Emerson at a great price as a result and cross your fingers with us that the next shipment doesn't leak!

The Organics Studio Masters of Writing series merges a famous writer from previous centuries with a colour that immediately brings them to mind. These inks fill gaps in the fountain pen world with new and unique colours.

Ralph Waldo Emerson was born in Boston in 1803, passing away in 18882. Best known as a poet and essayist, he offered many critiques of the the society of the day. He owned in the area of 14 acres of land around Walden Pond. His writings on the beauty of nature are reflected in this stunning dark blue black.

Organics Studio inks are handmade in the USA and bring unique colours and to the fountain pen world, these inks are excellent performers and will quickly become your favourite inks!

A 55ml bottle of Ralph Waldo Emerson, a dark blue black with hints of red sheen.


Available in New Zealand and Australia, only from Pen Classics.

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