Leuchtturm 1917 Change Journal Berry

Leuchtturm 1917 Medium A5 Change Journal - Berry


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The Change Journal comprises 24 effective yet simple ways to optimise your life. A summary of the best methods from various sources was compiled into quick and easy to read essentials for you to try out to suit your own needs. Thousands of books on each practice were summarised. The essence of each summary was then condensed into a quick and easy to follow guide which should only take a few minutes to read.

The 24 Methods:

Water  -  Thanks  -  Rewards  -  Circle Trick  -  Digital Detox  -  Eisenhower Principle  -  Habits  -  Clarity  -  Pitch  -  Yourself  -  Compliments  -  Reading  -  Marginal Gains  -  No  -  Single Tasking  -  Clearing Out  -  Pareto  -  Principle  -  Comfort Zone  -  Strengths  -  Essentialism  -  Goals  -  Pomodoro Technique  -  Emails  -  Saving  -  Journaling

14.5cm W x 21cm H (5.71in W x 8.27in H)

  • 294 Pages
  • 2 Page Markers
  • Storage Pocket
  • Elasticated Enclosure Band
  • Ink Proof Paper (100 g/sqm)
  • Thread Bound Book Opens Flat
  • Sticker for Labelling and Archiving

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