J. Herbin Round Glass Pen 18cm - Sand

J. Herbin Round Glass Pen 18cm - Sand

J. Herbin

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Hand blown glass pens were first developed around the 16th century in Venice - each pen is hand-formed and is therefore as unique as an individual work of art. These ones have a twisted handle in solid coloured glass.

The fine glass tips are twisted in a light spiral and hold the ink in a capillary action in the flutes on the outside of the nib. This allows the maximum quantity of ink to be held, and they can write a surprising amount before re-dipping. They are capillary fed, consequently, they do not dribble or leave blotches unless shaken.

These pens can be used with most fountain, drawing, or technical inks as well as liquid watercolors and liquid acrylics. They produce a steady monoline mark and are a fine, delicate tool.

Handmade in France

Please note that given the handmade nature of the pen, the actual design may differ slightly from the photo.

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