J Herbin 1798 Cornaline d'Égypte Ink Bottle and Swab

J. Herbin 1798 Cornaline d’Égypte 50ml / Shipping July 16th

J. Herbin

Cornaline d’Égypte, the second in a stunning new set of inks from Herbin - the 1798 Inks Collection.
This collection features a range of beautiful colours enhanced by the inclusion of silver particles.

Cornaline d’Égypte - is a rich ochre orange, with the silver particles adding a satin finish for a lustrous effect. It evoques the semi-precious gemstone carnelian, considered by the ancient Egyptians to elevate the mood and calm stress.

1798 commemorates a significant year in J. Herbin's history. At this time, the French Revolution was ending, and the Herbin company, founded in 1670, was growing. In 1798 the company relocated to expand their production capabilities and the influence of their inks and sealing wax.

There are many similarities between the 1670 and 1798 collection. The two key differences are:

  • The inclusion of silver shimmer instead of gold, and
  • The 50ml glass ink bottle now has a slightly wider neck for ease of filling your pen.

A 50ml bottle of Cornaline d’Égypte, a rich orange, with Silver flakes.

Made in France by J. Herbin.

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