Ink Miser Intra-Bottle Inkwell – Clear

Ink Miser Intra-Bottle Inkwell – Clear

Ink Miser

The Ink Miser Intra-Bottle Inkwell is the perfect companion to your 3oz Noodler's Ink bottle! Never again worry about how to get ink from the bottle when it gets low.

The Intra-Bottle Inkwell can even be stored in the bottle when you're not using it, or cleaned off and put into another bottle. The Intra-Bottle Inkwell is super easy to use! Just follow the steps below:

  1. Open ink bottle and place Ink Miser Intra-Bottle Inkwell into the 3 oz. bottle.
  2. Replace ink bottle cap and screw on tightly leaving the miser in place.
  3. Turn bottle upside down a few times allowing the ink to fill the miser.
  4. Quickly turn upright and carefully remove the lid.
  5. Place pen nib in the ink filled Ink Miser and fill the pen with ink as usual.
  6. Leaving your Ink Miser in place, you can replace the cap and secure tightly.
  7. Wipe the pen with a dry cloth to remove excess ink.

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