Platinum Fountain Pen Flush European


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Platinum Pen Flush for European pens. Pack contains 5 x 10ml packs of ink cleaner concentrate and 1 dropper to attach to nibs. The pen flush is compatible with all pen types, the dropper is designed to fit international standard fit fountain pens

Pack Contains

  • 5 x 10ml Pack of Ink Concentrate Cleaner
  • 1 x Dropper for International Standard fit


  1. The off used ink cartridge/converter
  2. Fix the dropper to the nib
  3. Wash a nib in the lukewarm water
  4. Mix the lukewarm water and ink cleaner concentrate
  5. Soak a nib in liquid for a whole day
  6. Rinse it with clean water
  7. Fix an attached dropper to a nib again. Please rinse it until the water runs clean.

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