Platinum Procyon Fountain Pen Deep Sea


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The Platinum Pen Procyon, named after brightest star n the Canis Minor Constellation, one of 21 first magnitude stars. The Procyon brings a sleek and colourful pen to brighten up your everyday writing.

A coloured aluminium body with either a glossy like glazed pottery (Deep Sea, and Porcelain White) or a matte texture (Turquoise Blue, Persimmon Orange, and Citron Yellow), brings a touch of playfulness to quick notes or long letters. The aluminium body offers excellent weight distribution to enhance comfort over long writing sessions. The pentagon-shaped nib harks back to 1962 when Platinum introduced Japan's first fountain pen with a pentagon-shaped gold nib. The design offers a writing feel beyond most steel nibs.

The redesigned feed features a larger and flatter breather hole helping to draw up the last of the ink from a tilted empty bottle when used with a converter. The placement of the feeder allows the pen to draw ink without having to submerge the pen up to its nib section as with a more traditional design.

Employing the Platinum Slip and Seal Mechanism, the Procyon is ready to write at any time, even if it's been sitting. The spring-loaded inner cap presses tightly against the grip section to ensure an airtight seal, preventing ink from drying on the nib.


  • Glossy texture dark blue (Deep Sea) aluminium body with aluminium flake powder to add extra depth to the colour
  • Steel pentagon nib
  • Silver trim
  • New feed design optimised for bottles low on ink
  • Slip and seal mechanism
  • Screw-on cap
  • Postable cap
  • 139.7 mm (full length) × 14.4mm (max. diameter)
  • Average weight 23.3g
  • Compatible with Platinum fit cartridges and converters

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