Organics Studio Oscar's Copper

Organics Studio Oscar's Copper

Organics Studio

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The Organics Studio Vintage Ink series is designed with the Parker Vacumatic in mind, the maker's favourite pen. The Vacumatic can be a little finicky to clean and fully flush, the vintage series is designed to be left in the pen for extended periods of time without damage and while remaining easy to clean and empty.

Oscar's Copper is named after the ink maker's Australian Shepherd "Oscar" and is a beautiful orangey red, designed to be safe for all pens.

Organics Studio inks are handmade in the USA and bring unique colours and to the fountain pen world, these inks are excellent performers and will quickly become your favourite inks!

A 55ml bottle of Oscar's Copper, a deep orangey red.


Available in New Zealand and Australia, only from Pen Classics.

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