Organics Studio Cuddles' Flushing Aether Small 4oz Pen Flush Bottle

Organics Studio Cuddles' Flushing Aether Small 4oz

Organics Studio

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Organics Studio Cuddles' Flushing Aether V2.0 is a blend of ink-busting surfactants and cleaners, with an added piston lubricant to keep all the parts of the pen well lubricated.

A delicate balance of surfactants, detergents, and concentrated base (ammonium hydroxide) work together to clean old dried ink from your fountain pen and get it writing like new again.

Bottle size:

  • 4oz (118.3ml)


    1. Clean any excess ink from the pen with room temperature water until the water runs clear or nearly clear.
    2. Fill pen from the bottle of Cuddles' Flushing Aether and expel down the drain to avoid contaminating the bottle
    3. Fill and expel until the liquid runs clear to rid the pen of old dried ink.

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