Organics Studio Aristotle 55ml Bottle

Organics Studio Aristotle 55ml Bottle

Organics Studio

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The Organics Studio Masters of Science series is a range of inks based on exploring different ink qualities such as iron-gall or pigmented inks. This series produces inks that are both innovative, and beautiful.

Aristotle, born in 384BC and passing away in 322BC, is one of the best known philosophers, both of his time and since. However, his talents were far broader than this, he made a study of biology, zoology, physics, and many others, he also tutored a young Alexander the Great. As was his work, Organics Studio Aristotle is a permanent ink. Given his own work in science, and the staying power his thoughts have had it is appropriate that he is represented through an Iron Gall ink, this most traditional of ink production techniques leads to a permanent ink on the page that darkens over time as the ink oxidises.

Organics Studio inks are handmade in the USA and bring unique colours and to the fountain pen world, these inks are excellent performers and will quickly become your favourite inks!

A 55ml bottle of Aristotle, a medium teal that darkens over time to a very dark teal, a truly beautiful ink.


A note on the usage of Iron Gall inks, whilst Organics Studio inks are designed to be stable and safe for modern pens we do not recommend using them in vintage pens, or leaving them stored in pens for long periods. Steel nib pens are susceptible to corrosion if stored with Iron Gall in them. Iron Gall inks should also not be returned to the bottle when emptied if they have been in the pen awhile, this may reduce the stability of the ink and lead to the build up of sediment. Any bottles containing sediment or sludge should not be used. This ink should be kept sealed and out of sunlight. For further notes please click here for an excellent guide written by KWZ.


Available in New Zealand and Australia, only from Pen Classics.

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