Organics Studio Accident Pigmented Blue 55ml Bottle

Organics Studio Accident Pigmented Blue 55ml Bottle

Organics Studio

The Organics Studio Masters of Science series is a range of inks based on exploring different ink qualities such as iron-gall or pigmented inks. This series produces inks that are both innovative, and beautiful.

Not all accidents are bad accidents. Many of the biggest breakthroughs in science have arisen because something did not go quite as planned. The discovered of modern synthetic pigments was not planned, with the first modern synthetic pigment, Prussian Blue, discovered by accident in 1704. Since it’s discovery Prussian Blue has been widely used in inks, contributing to dark blue and black inks. Therefore, it seems fitting that the Organics Studio homage to accidents in science is a pigmented blue ink.

Organics Studio inks are handmade in the USA and bring unique colours and to the fountain pen world, these inks are excellent performers and will quickly become your favourite inks!

A 55ml bottle of Accident Pigmented Blue, a light blue with permanence and a lot of character.


Pigmented inks offer both permanence and an intensity of colour. However, due to their permanent nature these should not be stored in an unused pen for a long length of time. It is recommended that the ink be removed and the pen flushed if it is to be stored. These inks are ideal in a pen used daily where there is less chance of the ink drying.

Available in New Zealand and Australia, only from Pen Classics.

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