Opus 88 Jazz Demonstrator

Opus 88

The Opus Jazz Demonstrator is a stunning fountain pen, with a clear barrel, clear cap, and silver trim. Compare this with the Holiday Jazz with a frosted acrylic barrel, frosted cap, and gunmetal trim

With over two decades of experience manufacturing and designing pens, the Opus 88 Jazz Demonstrator is masterfully Engineered in Taiwan and built to exacting standards.

With a unique eyedropper filling mechanism, the Opus 88 Jazz is perfectly suited for daily use, or as a travel pen. A simple half-twist of the blind cap allows the internal plunger to be opened allowing ink onto the feed and nib, when you have finished writing simply screw the cap shut to seal off the ink. Because of the unique ability to be sealed the pens are at much lower risk of losing any ink into the cap when the pen is pocketed, or when travelling. Worried about having to open the cap every time you want to write? Because there is still some ink in the feed, you can jot down a few quick notes without having to keep screwing and unscrewing the cap.

No filling mechanism means no worrying, these pens are super easy to fill! Simply unscrew the section, use the included glass eye dropper to draw ink out of the bottle and then squeeze it into the pen, reattach the section and get writing.

Opus 88 pens also have a huge ink capacity, perfect for a lot of writing, or to minimise time spent refilling and maximise time spent writing!

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