Kyo-No-Oto 01 Nurebairo (Black) 40ml

Kyo-No-Oto 01 Nurebairo (Black) 40ml

TAG Stationery Kyoto

TAG STATIONERY was born in Kyoto with a desire to see a relationship between traditional culture and modern stationery, bringing together a stationery shop's perspective and the story of an ancient city.

The word 'TAG' represents the will of being able to stand close to daily lives as a mark just like sticky note.

TAG is located in Kyoto Muromachi where a culture of dyeing remains.

TAG has created dye ink dye ink using modern techniques, with Japanese traditional colors. The dye ink that 'kusakizome meister' is beautifully expressive in shade, with profound colors.

A 40ml bottle of Nurebairo, a deep black.

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