KWZ IG Blue #6 60ml Bottle and Swab

KWZ IG Blue #6 60ml


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KWZ (pronounced Ka Veh Zeh) inks are made in Poland in small batches. Developed from a desire to improve the quality of his saturation of the inks he was using every day, Konrad began to developed his own fountain pen friendly Iron Gall ink. Iron Gall inks last longer and are more water and light resistant than standard dye based inks. Iron Gall inks have been used since the Middle Ages, however modern formulations have evolved this type of ink. 

As they dry Iron Gall inks may change colour and often darken. Iron Galls inks are water resistant, when exposed to water the dye components may still wash off but the iron components remain.

A 60ml bottle of IG Blue #6, a rich turquoise blue ink oxidising to a darker blue.

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A note on the usage of Iron Gall inks, whilst KWZ inks are designed to be stable and safe for modern pens we do not recommend using them in vintage pens, or leaving them stored in pens for long periods. Steel nib pens are susceptible to corrosion if stored with Iron Gall in them. Iron Gall inks should also not be returned to the bottle when emptied if they have been in the pen awhile, this may reduce the stability of the ink and lead to the build up of sediment. Any bottles containing sediment or sludge should not be used. This ink should be kept sealed and out of sunlight. For further notes please click here.

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