Our Environmental Mission
Plastic free packaging, fully carbon offset shipping and a mission to make all aspects of our business carbon neutral by 2020, at Pen Classics we are trying to redefine online shopping.

We believe that sharing our passion for stationery should come at the smallest possible cost to the planet. Therefore we are constantly looking for the best materials and best practices to ensure your order gets to you in one piece whilst letting you feel guilt free about your shopping!

We are constantly working on what we can do better, so please let us know any feedback, both good and bad. Also check back often as we are constantly working on how we can be more sustainable.

Below are features of our packaging that we are especially proud of:

  • All our boxes are recyclable and 100% recycled content
  • Our padded Mailers are recyclable and 90% recycled content
  • Our Kraft paper is recyclable and 70% recycled content
  • Our bubblewrap alternative is recyclable, biodegradable and compostable and is made from either recycled content or Sustainable Forestry certified paper
  • For heavier duty wrapping our 'foam' wrap (also packing pellets) lookalike is 100% compostable and biodegradable and even dissolves in water (we don't suggest drinking the water after!)
  • Our tape is paper based and is recyclable
  • Our twine is 100% cotton and biodegradable, it even comes wound on a recyclable cardboard tube
  • The paper our invoices are printed on is Carbon Neutral certified, recyclable and is PEFC certified
  • Our corrugated cardboard is made from 100% recycled content and is recyclable
  • The real MVP (most valuable packaging) is the reused items! Sometimes a box might look a little used around the edges, this trooper isn't on its first trip, it'll still do the job and is one less new box that has to be made. We try and re-use other packaging such as box fill to give it a second life, not just a trip to the recyclers.
  • Little details, when packing we write the order numbers in pencil so you can feel free to reuse the box yourself.

A few of our past sustainability initiatives have included:

  • To celebrate the launch of Blackwing pencils we donated a native tree for every dozen pencils sold during the promotional period.


  • Carbon Neutral 2020 — To make all aspects of our business carbon neutral by 2020 – Progress:
    • 1/1/18 — all shipping is carbon offset, we aim to over comply with this standard by basing all calculations off a parcel size larger than our average.





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