Sailor Professional Gear Slim Blue Green Nebula


The Sailor Professional Gear or Pro-Gear as it is often shortened to is Sailor's flat-topped fountain pen. An elegant and classy design, the Professional Gear Slim in black is beautifully paired with Rhodium trim. Once called the Sapporo, slim is a smaller and lighter pen, akin to a 'pocket pen' in size. The slim packs a lot of writing quality into a small package. 

Sailor are renowned for the quality of their nibs. The Professional Gear Slim features the famous 14k nib. The 14k is a touch firmer than the 21k nib featured in the Professional Gear, with exceptional smoothness. 

Situated about one thousand light-years away within the outer boundaries of our Milky Way, the 'Wreath Nebula' is an 'emission' Nebula with a radius of about 22 light-years. The blue-green colour is emitted from the warm dust surrounding the central core. Sailor has captured this magic with a translucent green barrel and shiny flecks in the resin.

  • Availability: Limited to 1800 Worldwide
  • Materials: PMMA Resin
  • Filling System: Converter and Cartridge
  • Trim: Rhodium
  • Cap Type: Threaded

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