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Platinum Curidas the new retractable fountain pen from Platinum. Designed to provide fast, easy, and reliable writing day after day.

Keep the nib from drying out to provide a smooth writing at any time

  • High sealed nib pocket, made of soft material enhances airtightness.
  • The size of the nib pocket is minimised to keep the nib moisturised.
Let you experience the comfort with advanced technology and design.
  • Slim and long-shaped nib gives easier control of pen tip when you write.
  • Lineup includes extra-fine nib that is suitable for filling in small spaces such as pocket diary.
Well-designed clip is not obstructive to your hand.
  • Clip can be removed optionally.
Visible Design
  • By employing transparent resin for the body, the intriguing design allows to see the complexity of the mechanism unique to retractable fountain pen.
Removable Clip
  • The clip can be removed using an exclusive tool.
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